Másalto is committed to roasting a consistently excellent espresso coffee.
With people, for people.

Másalto is born out of a human story, one of those stories which draw their power from the passion and love of the people around us: love of nature and the riches nature brings us; love of people and the work they do.

A longing to go back to the sources of what we use, to original methods, keeping proper respect for the work of small producers. Globalization and industrialization have been blinding us, oppressing us with every new development. The race for maximum production forces firms to produce bigger and bigger quantities, more and more cheaply. This runaway process relentlessly tramples the workers, who are getting fewer and fewer as machines take over and the products, reduced to their simplest quality, are replaced by substitutes designed to reproduce their aromas and tastes. The rest is marketing: consumers buy on impulse or are seduced by the image of perfection the brand portrays. This has many consequences, all dire, for people and for production that cares about quality. Fewer jobs, more poverty, less concern for the environment. True quality products are mimicked by cunning chemical processes. We humans are losing our taste – and our bearings.

Did you know?

Coffee would rather grow in the shade of a tree than in full sun...

Nature has given us the coffee bush, a wonderful plant but delicate and complex. The original coffees – upland Arabicas – need forest cover to grow and flourish. Big industrial brands nowadays grow coffee in full sunshine with huge quantities of pesticides and fertiliser to help them cope with the sun and combat insects; to keep production costs down, they disregard the plant’s nature. Unlike Másalto, which does all it can to respect it.

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