Ethical business: yes or no?

The original basis of Fair Trade was moral decency, and its aim is a truly praiseworthy one: to support small farmers and local producers, rewarding their work at a fair rate. Nowadays, though, the spin doctors of advertising and PR have decided to play on consumers’ emotions; they’ve taken over the idea for strictly commercial purposes, and made it part of the sales pitch. No longer fair trade, but trading in “fairness”.

Fairness depends on quality

From now on, the best way to be sure you’re buying fairly traded coffee is to insist on a quality product – and that means upland coffees. Admittedly, they are dearer: they take a lot of work and a lot of care; but at least the people who do the growing and picking are fairly paid.

Másalto plays its part in development projects

At Másalto, we buy very special upland coffees which command their due price: respect for the farmers is a priority for us. But it’s not enough: we also want to take part in those farmers’ own development, so we’ve decided to work with a Belgian initiative, the Efico Foundation (monitored by the King Baudouin Foundation), which aims to improve the living conditions of small coffee farmers.

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