The secret of a good espresso depends on its freshness, and therefore on the packaging. There are various ways of packing coffee according to type. Beans are packed with an air valve, or in nitrogen under pressure; ground coffee may be packed in any of three ways: hard vacuum, valve vacuum, or metal tins. Naturally, Másalto has opted for a pack with a very high quality valve; and to ensure even greater freshness we roast and ship continuously, with a minimum stock.

Why is it so important to pack coffee properly?

After roasting, coffee undergoes four reactions:

  1. Oxygen in the air causes oxidation.
  2. Waxes and fats start to go rancid.
  3. Carbon dioxide is given off.
  4. Aromatics evaporate.

To avoid these losses of flavour and aroma efforts have been made over many years to develop new packaging.

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