The secrets.

Of course, Másalto coffee’s unique quality does not come about by luck. It’s the result of bold and principled perfectionism. Here are some of the little secrets we wanted to share with you:

  1. A blend composed of Arabica coffees only, 100% “strictly hard bean”
  2. Grown under forest cover at altitude (between 1200m and 2000m above sea level)
  3. Small-scale, highly experienced growers, using human labour rather than machines
  4. A particularly rigorous selection of green coffee beans
  5. Beans of exactly the right size for the Espresso Roast
  6. Slow artisanal roasting, in small quantities so that every bean gets the right dose of heat.
  7. Packaging that uses a very high quality valve, pressurised with inert nitrogen to prevent staleness and keep the coffee perfectly fresh.
  8. The art of service and the handing on of knowledge. Our experts share their passion with you.
  9. A unique porcelain tasting cup. Designed to delight the eye, the hand and the lips.

At the end of its long and splendid journey, the coffee has reached its last container, the cup. Now it is ready to give pleasure to the connoisseur. 


Másalto has made consistency its one and only path. We sell only one blend, and do everything we can to make sure it’s always of the same quality. It’s based on a very precise specification, selecting the best upland Arabicas to match the strictly defined taste we’re after:

  • a unique flavour, rich and perfectly tuned
  • aromatic notes of fruit, chocolate and toast
  • a long finish, like that left in the mouth by a good wine

Consistency, though, is not merely a matter of always combining the same pure origins. We have to make constant adjustments, changing their provenance and proportions. Just as winemakers do, we add a little of this and adjust the quantity of that to obtain a perfectly balanced result.

Our one driver is passion, our passion for “los cafes de sombra”.

The growers' guarantee.

Survival depends on quality
Things cannot go on as they are: the relationships among the different groups involved in coffee growing and marketing have to change; trade has to get fairer. Quality is the one of the things which can drive progress, if it makes it possible to provide a proper reward for the work people put in. That is the path Másalto has chosen. Local farmers are guaranteed work, with respect for their personal standing as well as their environment.

By people, with people.

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